The Tudors at Ragan Castle


IMG_1703 copy.jpgPhotographed (L to R): Phil Davies, Kathleen Davies, Anthony Farrow, Jess Demanuel and Marcus Booth.

Visitors stood back in time to the era of Raglan Castle’s beginnings: as The Beaufort Company brought the 15th Century to life with living history, combat displays, shining knights and colourful character from history.

Anthony Farrow (Henry V11) said: “We would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to come to Raglan Castle and interact with the local community. This helps people to understand their history and their heritage: but also how it interlocks with wider British history: and why the events here at Raglan Castle during the 15C were so pivotal. We have really enjoyed educating the local public as well as entertaining them. Sometimes it is difficult to get a sense of history from reading a book or looking at a pile of stones on a hill.

If you have a castle working in context with living history it is empowering for someone who wants to learn and to understand more about his or her heritage to actually look at things such as this. People attending this great event witness living history and they can gain an understanding of how their ancestors lived and how events in history can still resonate within us today.”

Henry VII (Welsh: Harri Tudur; 28 January 1457 – 21 April 1509) was King of England from seizing the crown on 22 August 1485 until his death on 21 April 1509, and the first monarch of the House of Tudor. He ruled the Principality of Wales until November 1489.Henry won the throne when his forces defeated King Richard at the Battle of Bosworth Field, the culmination of the Wars of the Roses. Henry Tudor spent his childhood at Raglan Castle, the home of William Herbert, a leading Yorkist – a castle which was an important centre of Welsh cultural activity.

IMG_1685 copy.jpgPhotographed (L to R): Anne Marie, John Booth and Jane Greenwood. Mr Booth said: “It is a wonderful place to visit and it is a great location for us to camp over the weekend. We are really enjoying the good company here with the local people and with other re-enactors.”

IMG_1695 copy.jpgSheltering under canvas out of the heat of the sun are members of The Beaufort Companye. Photographed (L to R): Penelope Tubbs, Charmaine Salter, Sarah Nelson, Chris Jackson and Jayne Everingham-Harley.

The Beaufort Companye portrays the household of a retainer to the Dukes of Somerset and Beaufort family during the late 15th Century, specifically the period known as The Wars of The Roses. Their aim is to bring to the public a new and exciting interpretation of the period via their authentic and interactive portrayal of medieval military: and civilian life.

IMG_1715 copyWith an inital BA Degree in English and a Masters Degree in Historical Studies author Judith Arnopp attended the event with a stand displaying her historical fiction books. Judith said: “I wanted to give historical females the gift of having a voice. This is with the feminine perspective rather than the more common approach of being rendered by a male chronicler. This is the fourth year I have enjoyed coming to this lovely location to take in the atmosphere and meeting other people such as the renacment performers and the readers of my books.”





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