DSC00295This is an independent news & events website created by Byron Calloway. You will find stories concerning news, sports, culture, life style, opinion, reviews, fun stuff and more.

I was born and I currently live in Wales. I have had a keen interest in news gathering, writing and taking photographs from childhood. I have worked as a professional photographer and I have specialized in press and public relations photography.


There are no powers prohibiting the taking of photographs, film or digital images in a public place. Therefore members of the public and press should not be prevented from doing so.

We must acknowledge that citizen journalism is a feature of modern life and police officers are now photographed and filmed more than ever.

Unnecessarily restricting photography, whether for the casual tourist or professional is unacceptable and it undermines public confidence in the police service.

Once an image has been recorded, the police have no power to delete or confiscate it without a court order.

All forces guidelines letter, 26 August 2010, Andrew Trotter,
Chief Constable, Chair of ACPO


University Certificate in Voluntary and Community Studies

Certificate of HE in Creative Writing

Certificate in Traditional Photography

EDEXCEL Photography level 1

EDEXCEL Photography level 2

Certificate of HE in Psychology (1)

Certificate of HE in Psychology (2)

Certificate of HE in Combined Studies

Certificate in Management Studies (CMS)

Diploma in Welfare Studies  (IWO)

Advanced Diploma in Counselling (CBT)

Foundation Degree in Social Media

BA (Hons) Degree Social and Labour Studies

BA (Hons) Degree Post-compulsory Education and Training

PG Certificate in Post-compulsory Education and Training (PGCE)

PG Diploma in Business and Enterprise Development

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