Historical Crafts & Activities at Raglan Castle

A multi-period weekend of historical crafts and activities was held at Raglan Castle: The weekend expanded on previous events with re-enactors from multiple periods displaying how people lived in the past and showing how day-to-day items were made, including basket-weaving, wood turning and even blacksmithing.

IMG_1728 copyIsobel Brown (maid) and Jeremy Bosanquet (Royalist Captain) photographed playing bouzouki/lute and guitar. Mr Bosanquet said: “One of our aims is to bring history to life through the mediums of accurate storytelling combined with music and song with the additional twist of adding fiction to the narrative. It is a combination of our love of history, music and teaching. We often have members of our audience tell us that attending such historical events as held at Raglan Castle are a highlight to their stay in the United Kingdom. Visitors from overseas often comment on how they enjoy the educational aspect of the performances as well as the entertainment.”

IMG_1751 copy.jpgRoger Morgan and friend was on hand to demonstrate the skills of the barber – surgeon during the renaissance period of history. With a strong academic background in the Roman Celtic period Mr Morgan said: “It is an absolute pleasure and honour to portray history where it happened. The Tudor period was the renaissance time of medicine having an important historical context because of the transformation of opinion from a religious viewpoint of the body being a holy receptacle to the body being viewed as  a living machine, this being a major change in viewpoint associated with the flowering of science.”

IMG_1739 copy.jpgJim and Rosaleen Harrison photographed with Cliff and Brenda Enever. Mr Enever said: “Our attendance here is our first time that we have visited this wonderful location. We like to provide information that teaches people about the American Civil War specifically the monetary causation of the conflict as opposed to the social aspects associated with the evils of slavery.”



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