Chepstow Castle Medieval Falconry Display

Visitors to Chepstow Castle were given the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of regular falconry displays. People interacted with the birds as well as enjoyed static displays of a range of birds of prey. Janusz Prymaka from JRCS Falconry said: “It is a fabulous location at Chepstow Castle and this is the fourth time I have put on this display at this great location. Everyone always enjoys looking at the displays of birds, especially the rare birds such as Q the female Hooded Vulture. Our eight-year-old male Golden Eagle Seeley is also a favourite with the audiences.”

J.R.C.S Falconry has a private collection of over 30 different species of birds. From the beautiful Barn Owl and the hunting Hawk to the feisty Falcon, canny Kestrel and the glamorous Golden Eagle, there’s sure to be a bird for everyone, young or old!

IMG_1458-1.jpgPhotographed with Mr Prymaka and Arwen the female Barn Owl is 9-year-old Isabella West from North London who was visiting her grandfather in Chepstow with her parents. Isabella said: “I picked the Barn Owl to be photographed with me because it is my favourite bird and I have seen falcons before at a display at my school.”

IMG_1472 copy.jpgFalconer Edward Brown is photographed with Seeley the male Golden Eagle and Mr Prymaka is photographed with Q the female Hooded Vulture. Mr Brown said: “It is a glorious sunny day and an ideal location for such a great family day out.”











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