Chepstow Castle 950 Year Commemoration

History came back to life at Chepstow Castle as it marked the 950th anniversary of the founding of the Castle: with the historical display group Bowlore. Chepstow, its castle and priory were founded in 1067 by the Norman conquerors, less than a year after the Battle of Hastings. 2017 marks the 950th year, the town council and residents in Chepstow are celebrating with a variety of events to mark the 950th anniversary.

IMG_1387 copyThe castle was founded by William FitzOsbern, one of William the Conqeuror’s two deputy commanders for the Norman Conquest. After the conquest the town was seen as a key location provided a base from which to advance Norman control into South Wales, and controlled river access to Hereford and the Marches.

IMG_1364 copy.jpgBowlore is a medieval archery & weapons display group, based in Somerset, England. Members of the group  came out in force at Chepstow Castle for archery and weapons displays, have-a-go archery and sword training lessons to commemorate this important 950th anniversary of Chepstow Castle.

IMG_1404 copy.jpgHusband and wife, Paul and Lorna Thomas photographed at the encampment during a break in the wild Welsh weather. Paul is an archer with the group while his wife Lorna claims to be always very busy as the chief cook and bottle washer.

IMG_1421 copyMiranda Eddiford (14) with Pyewackett – the little owl. Miranda’s mother, Pam said: “We have always enjoyed coming to Chepstow Castle. It is a beautiful location. The staff are very helpful. Our audiences are always very friendly and responsive. They even appear to enjoy our many jokes. The group works very hard this time of year with one show following another but it is very rewarding: with such things as organising the camp and the logistics of people and equipment. It requires a lot of effort to rehearse and ensure a smooth running show. It is a privilege to work and live in the castle for the weekend. When we are blessed with good weather it is like every dream you had as a child has come true.”

Dad Neil said: “Chepstow is a tremendously important castle. It was the bridgehead into Wales. We enjoy the study and learning associated with history. It is really enjoyable to spread this knowledge with people here at Chepstow.”

IMG copy 11.jpg


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