VW Dubs at Caldicot Castle

IMG_1319 copy.jpgOwners of VW vehicles (Dubs) from all over the UK met at Caldicot Castle for the 10th year: for the 2017 Dubs at the Castle event. David Roberts (event organiser) from Caerphilly said: “This great family event was again held in the beautiful grounds of Caldicot Castle. It is a chilled family event where we make lots of new friends and meet up with old friends. Our chosen charity for this years event is the Alzheimer’s Society. We would like to thank everyone for their help in supporting such a worthy cause.”

Ben Baker from Caldicot said: “I bought my VW dub from Holland in 2004 and I drove it back to the UK with my wife. It’s a great location and we meet up with people we know from social media platforms. We talk online about our VWs and here at the castle we enjoy meeting face-to-face.”

IMG_1328 copy.jpgFriends reunited at the event are (L to R): Stuart & Clare Fordyce, Theo Evans, Stacey Powell, Melissa Yates and Steve Forrester. Mr Evans said: “This is a great event in a fantastic location. I have enjoyed attending these events from childhood and I have been to 100s of them. It was initially my fathers interest and I too love VWs.”

IMG_1342 copy.jpgOz Walker from Bristol attended the event with three of his young relatives nephews Kian Appleby (11), Riley Appleby (8) and Tiernan Garcia (15). Mr Walker said: “I became involved when I bought a beach buggy in 1978 and now I own a 1970 early bay model. It is my fourth time to come to the castle and it is always been an enjoyable time. This year the young ones loved camping out and sleeping in the van.”

A selection of early bay models was on display in the castle in reflection of the models fiftieth anniversary.  More details from: earkybay.com is: The Site for Enthusiasts of the Early ‘Low Light’ VW Bay Window Type 2’s (1967-72).

The event catered for everyone’s tastes in music with live bands playing on both nights. There were also acoustic bands playing in prime locations through out the day. There were also DJ’s to keep the party mood going, before and after bands played each night.



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