Legends and Fairy Tales at Raglan Castle

Visitors to Raglan Castle dodged the light scattered showers to meet dragons, princesses and a monster or two. People followed the trail, while children enjoyed having their faces painted. People joined the fun as the magic of fairy tales came to life at Raglan Castle.

IMG_0769 copy.jpgTwelve members of Amicorum provided a weekend of children’s entertainment through costume drama. Pictured (L-R): Elizabeth Grew, Charlie Barnett, Ryan Edwards,  Sam Tivenan, Finlay Moore and Robson Barsby captured Andrew ‘Shrek’ Tivenan at Raglan Castle. Andrew said: “It is always a pleasure to come to Raglan, the local people make us feel really welcome and the occasional rain did not dampen all of our spirits.”

IMG_0809 copy.jpgThe Alchemy Dragon entertainers from Carmarthen are photographed (L-R): Lizzie Fotheringham and Laya Daws  with their baby dragons ‘Cariad’ and ‘Fern’. Alchemy perform with baby and full grown dragons and tell dragon stories at Welsh and English heritage sites.

Alchemy was founded by Lizzie in 2004. She has been a professional entertainer since 1989. Alchemy began when Lizzie found the now famous little dragon sanctuary in the Welsh Marches and fostered her first dragon, Morris, who proceeded to charm the crowds wherever he went.

IMG_0788 copy.jpgPhotographed are some of the younger members of Amicorum: (L-R): Jade Barsby (18), Finlay Moore (10) and Robson Barsby (16).

IMG_0777 copyTrying to prevent Shrek (Andrew Tivenan) from bludgeoning to death the youngest member of the group Finley Moore (10) are (L to R): Charlie Barnett and Sam Tivenan. Shrek stated: “My real life’s ambition is to move out of the swamp and to move into the beautiful Raglan Castle.”


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