Living History Weekend at Raglan Castle

IMG_7694 copy

Living history is an activity that incorporates historical tools, activities and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time.

Visitors to Raglan Castle stood back in time when they visited Raglan to experience  times past – with living history, displays and hands-on activities. Two distinct camp sites where set up – one demonstrated a viking settlement and the other, life in the medieval period. Visitors dressed up in viking clothes and some visitors practiced their archery skills.

Monika Kudaseva from Newport (originally from Lithuania) said: “Raglan Castle is the ideal location to experience a living history event. I enjoyed wearing the clothes from the viking era and they did keep me warm and comfortable. It is great to be able to learn so much about Great Britain from living examples of a past way of life.”

IMG_7716 copyPhotographed (Left to Right – back row): Robson Barsby, Jade Barsby and James Punter (Left to Right front – row): Angela Barsby and Heather Barsby. Heather said: “We really enjoyed our return visit to Raglan Castle. We find it a very friendly location and we have come to view it as a second home.”

IMG_7638 copyFrom the viking period: Photographed (Left to Right): Refr (Martyn Bland) and Ketil (Billy Shuttleworth) with 7 year-old Elrik Eydisson.

IMG_7596 copyRafnhildr (Hailey Arundell), Vidor Vidor (Christopher Price) and Svana (Karen Dimmock) from the viking era demonstrated how to make baskets by weaving willow. Hailey said: “Raglan Castle is possibly one of the most beautiful castles I have ever visited. It provides the opportunity to go back in time and enjoy living the simple way of living where time rushed by each day and there is a real feeling of liberation.”

Photographed at the viking settlement with Monika is Eydis who said: “This is a great activity for all of the family to enjoy and we love bring the 9th century back to life.”

Rudd Archer (Andrew Tivenan) and his wife  Lady Catherine (Samantha Tivenan). Samantha  played the role of Lady Catherine of Worcestershire. Samantha said: “It is great to be a lady for the weekend but its a pity to be with a tramp.”

Orm (Jules Cooke from Telford) demonstrated the hooks, weights and floats used to fish for food by the vikings.  The display included the different shell fish eaten in their diet.


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