The Medieval Period at Caldicot Castle

The full Medieval Period from the Vikings to the Tudors encamped in the Great Tower Field of Caldicot Castle. Over 200 re-enactors transformed the castle into a living timeline, showing off their particular period of history to the fullest.

Visitors enjoyed the living history activities, marvelled at the speed and skill of the Destriers as they Joust on the Tilt. People loved have a go at archery with the Castle Archers and witness skirmishes and battles that raged throughout the day.

Waiting to give a royal greeting to the spectators at Caldicot Castle was Paul Watkins (from Carmarthenshire) in the role of Sir Thomas Harcourt, demonstrating his teaching abilities in the subject of medieval history.

Feeling the atmosphere of the Castle was Brian and Rosemary Coales (from Oxfordshire) in the roles of William Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury and his wife Lady Elizabeth, the Countess.Rosemary said: “The Castle at Caldicot is beautiful and it must have been a wonderful home in the past. Being with other re-enactors is like being with a large extended family.”

img_8024-1-copyA group of Normans were busy playing medieval games. Photographed (Left to Right): Gregory  Leigh, Joe Clapham, Mathew Wilson, Gareth Davies, Andrew Moorman and Jim Fanning from: Historia Normannis – a 12th century reenactment group, focusing primarily on the events between the reign of Henry I and King John.

Historia Normannis prides itself as a society, bringing history to life in a historically accurate, engaging and exciting way. Their events and educational visits allow people to engage with history – seeing, feeling and hearing first-hand aspects of the lives and deaths of 12th century people – Knights, freemen, craftsmen, ladies of the court and Barons of the realm.

Amanda Rogers and Alyn Davies entertained the crowds with a demonstration on medieval medical care. Alyn said: “In real life – I am a health care professional and re-enactment allows me to gain knowledge of historical medical procedures.”

Also photographed is bowyer (bow maker) Keith Deeley and archer Mark North from The Freemen of Gwent. This group look to portray the period from the early years of the 100 Years War (1337) up to and including the Battle of Agincourt (1415). This period was overseen by Edward III who was one of the most successful English monarchs of the Middle Ages.

Photographed (Left to Right) Lady Margaret Loring, Ruth of Stamford and Kim Veitch from the Company of Chivalry. The group performs at Medieval Reenactment events and with civilian living history and military combat events.

Photographed in the Scarlet Moon Tavern is Sue Sewell, Rachel Murphy and Mark Stenhouse. 

Iain Barber (From Dublin) acted in the role of Ragnar Olafson demonstrated the history of combat from the viking era and Kevin Taylor played musical instruments from the medieval period.

Monika Kudaseva from Newport (originally from Lithuania) said: “I really love these entertaining and informative events and it was a great opportunity to shop for a new hat!”  The Black Wolves Viking encampment engaged in historical reenactment of a local viking raid on a saxon village. Photographed (Left to Right): Matt Bickenson, Rachel Bickenson  and William Curtis. Rachel said: “We love coming to Caldicot Castle because it is a great place to steal a Bishop.”


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