Amazing Grace Spaces

DSC_0044 copy.jpgThe charity Amazing Grace Spaces unveiled two sleeping pods for the homeless in Newport. Many homeless people do not have a safe place to go. The pods were displayed outside St Paul’s Church, in Newport South Wales and they were designed to be overnight accommodation for those sleeping rough.

Stuart Johnson, who is the design and operations director for the charity, said: “People who are homeless are living everywhere. They are in parks, under bridges and in doorways. Members of the charity engaged passers-by and said: “They are being showcased because we want to hear what people think about them. Each pod costs between five to six thousand pounds and offers a small warm self-contained space with a bed, toilet and light.

DSC_0071 copy.jpg

Not everyone was happy to see the pods with one man shouting of: ‘I expect the taxpayers will have to pay for these things.’ An 81-year-old woman stopped to complain that: “These people can never be helped because they bring things onto themselves.”

A visitor from Bristol said: “I think that this is very positive and for any homeless person it will provide a better space than any shop doorway.” The charity has been involved in one bedroom apartment that can be a solution towards tackling homelessness by offering low cost, good quality affordable housing in the UK.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 19.58.08.pngLocal councils have legal duties to help people who are homeless or in danger of losing their home. In most cases the council will have to provide you with advice and may have to help you find a home. If you are an asylum seeker, a refugee or are appealing against an unsuccessful asylum claim, you may be entitled to housing and support.

Homelessness prevention services are available to anyone who is considered to be at risk of homelessness within 56 days or actually considered to be homeless. This service is provided by the Council under the provisions of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014. The options available will vary based upon individual circumstances and it is therefore difficult to outline what services will be offered.

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