Once upon a time came to Raglan Castle

Once upon a time came to Raglan Castle when visitors were treated to the ever-popular Fairy Tale weekend.  People met and played with the Fairy tale characters and fantastic dragons.

IMG_2830 copy.jpgNot allowing the rain to dampen their romance was Elizabeth Grew portraying Bella with Ryan Edwards portraying the Beast, both from Malvern.

IMG_2847 copy.jpgHeather Barsby enjoyed helping Ben Hughes (18) with the puppet performance Montague the Monster – The Castle Cook. Ben said: “I have only been here once before and that was to practice for this performance. I mainly build puppets so it is a nice change to be here performing with one. The children have been enjoying the show but the adults are the biggest fans.”

IMG_2887 copy.jpgJade Barsby (Lady Green) with her brother Robson (Sir Nichols) keeping a sharp eye on the nasty old ogre played by Andrew Tivenan. Andrew said: “Everyone is having a great time being nasty to me. I cannot help it if I am ugly and I smell. I am green and I hate all of the children but that is no reason for beating me with plastic clubs!”

IMG_2862 copy.jpgChildren took part in Fairy door trail and Dragon school. Others became a Knight or Lady of the Realm! Local children also took part in wanton acts of violence encouraged by shouting parents. Andrew stated: “The children really enjoy all of the activities including the play fighting, meeting and greeting 10 different costume characters, completing fairy door trails, dancing, singing and playing medieval games. Beating up the ogre is always popular with everyone.”

IMG_2835 copy.jpgTiffany Parsons from Manchester portraying one of the Ugly Sisters Anastasia desperately needed a shave.

IMG_2908 copy.jpgThe clash of swords on shields, leather and armour evoke memories of a bygone era of Knights battling for their honour and their ladies. (Photographed L to R): James Candler, Deborah Page Kevin Pavey Amanda Barhatt David Woodwood from the British Plate Armour Society were encamped for the weekend demonstrating weapons and armour from the era.

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