Bowlore at Chepstow Castle

IMG_5496-1 copy.jpgThe medieval display group Bowlore appeared at Chepstow Castle. Monika Kudaseva (24) from Newport (originally from Lithuania) is photographed with members of the group. Monika said: “I just love the historic nature of the displays. There is so much to see and to do. It is great fun for all of the family. The Chepstow Castle ground make the perfect setting for a fantastic learning environment.”

IMG_5766.jpgBowlore provided the spills and thrills of history coming to life as Chepstow Castle transported people back in time 800 years to the site of the Baron’s revolt against King John.

IMG_5512.jpgBowlore presented the William Marshall tourney, plus archery and weapons displays, have-a-go archery and sword training lessons. Photographed above is: Neil Eddiford, Paul Thomas and Lorna Thomas.

IMG_5471Miranda (13) and Rosalind Eddiford (10) with Pyewackett – the little owl.


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