Fortress Wales

IMG_5239Fortress Wales was a wonderful multi period re-enactment/living history event held at Caldicot Castle Country Park, encompassing re-enactment groups and a military vehicle show. Knights in armour, medieval peasants and World War II soldiers in an overview of living history.

Photographed is Andrew Upton from Bristol in the role of a machine gun Training Officer from the 1914 – 1918 World War with the 1st World War Horse Group. The main arena showcased public displays and catering and trade stands. Andrew said: “We have all very much enjoyed being here in the wonderful settings of the castle grounds. It is really great to see so many people having such an amazing time.”

IMG_5162.jpgPictured is: Robert Chambers from Bridgend, a member of the Military Vehicle Trust, at the wheel of a USA Ford 1942 Jeep with Monika Kudaseva (24) from Newport (originally from Lithuania). Monika said: “It was a great weekend of entertainment and living history demonstrations. There were wolf dogs, horses and even a large black raven. I found it both interesting and informative about so many different subjects such the history of warfare, keeping horses and cooking throughout the ages.”

IMG_5190Chris Brooks was on hand to talk about the role of motorbikes in the war.The castle’s manager Mike Booth said: “There were more than 1000 re-enactors on the site so it was a very strong mix and something you do not get (at other events), a Vietcong meeting up with a Viking.”

IMG_5008Photographed is Jan Comley, a member of the WWII German Army engaging in the administration of the event. Many of the re-enactors spent the nights living the life as if they were from their characters’ time. They included the Plymouth Medieval Society and members of the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry group.


Thirteen year old Lilly Johnson with her wolf dog Saskya from the Viking encampment.

IMG_5358PC Derek Woodward from Cheltenham arresting trouble maker Monika Kudaseva. Derek is a former Butlins Red Coat and he said: “We have lots of time to make this a quality event and I like to provide the public with a living history experience that informs them about the police service. After retirement I attended a reenactment and I suddenly discovered a whole new world of enjoyment and learning. I have met so many different interesting people who have become good friends. The public’s reaction to this event has been brilliant.”

IMG_5379Members of the 1st Missouri Light Artillery – the H gun (Polly Gun) are photographed (Left to Right) Glenn Roofthooft, Tony Beer, Ruth Kennedy, Graham Darbey and Steven Broadhurst.

IMG_5279Pictured is a group of Ragged Victorians representing The Great Unwashed. (Left to Right):  Hywel Jones (sailor), Steph Jones (fisherman’s wife), Beverly Lester-Card and Ian Lester-Card (who both portrayed gypsies).


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