A Welsh Town at War

IMG_2124 Two days of plays, stories, demonstrations and music filled up Stack Square with the reenactment of WWII at Blaenavon Ironworks. German soldiers failed to fight off the advancing British, American and Free French forces as they charged down the hillside recreating the action and adventure of WWII military combat. World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

IMG_2053 In the photographed: Sue Horton canoodling with Tony Horton. For Monika the war was over. Monika Kudaseva, 23, from Newport (originally from Lithuania) said: “As interesting and informative this action packed event was – it still illustrated the tragic cost of war.” In the photograph: German soldier Steve Martens taking Monika as a prisoner of war. IMG_1998 The Blitz Buddies – (Left to Right): Julie Salter, Sue Horton, Brian Clarkson, Joy Smith and Trudie Clarkson. IMG_2036

German fighting unit with reinforcements from members of the German Home Defense Guard (Left to Right) Mickey Skates, Steve Martens, Tim Chance, Adrian Hull and Max Kingsford. IMG_2091 Rowan Peare-Harte, Tony Salter and Paul Smith celebrating the end of hostilities. IMG_2077 Members of the FJR5 German Army Nurse Donna Cross making sure that it has not been too much for Kewen Sweet.

IMG_2068 British Forces Scouts (Left to Right): Ian Macrae, Nigel Neal, Shane Pugh and Mike Stradling. IMG_2113

German trooper Tom Sweet (FJR5), held at gun point by Captain Tony Horton watched by Sue Horton.

More than 1200 people enjoyed the fourth annual Welsh town at war event and they were informed and entertained by over 60 re-enactor characters.




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