Woodland Trust at Hay Festival

IMG_0693The Woodland Trust claims to be ‘The voice for the woods and trees’ and they were in attendance at Hay Festival to engage with the public and to raise awareness about the importance of trees and to highlight ‘Why our world matter.’

Back (left to right):

Kat Daiteh, Brian Jones, Christina Doachim, Neil Ingram.

Front (Left to right): Kay Haw and Emma Bird.

Kay Haw said: ‘The wonders of the Woodland Trust mixed with the magic of Hay creates a wonderful experience for all.’

The woodland Trust is the UKs largest woodland conservation charity. It was founded in 1972 and they stand against the increasing threats to the woods and trees. They fight to protect plants and restore UK woodland.

IMG_0852Monika Kudaseva (Left) pictured with Ann Rooney from the Woodlands Trust at their stand at the Hay Festival where they looked at the use of language and its modernization where words relating to nature and wildlife are being lost.

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