Medieval Re-enactment

IMG_0397Bowlore is a medieval archery & weapons display group, based in Somerset, England. They perform at such venues as Chepstow and Carew Castles, The Bishops Palace in Wells and at the Feast of Saint James in Tiverton.

Bowlore is a small team of family and friends that have over twenty years experience in historical re-enactment and they are focused on providing quality entertainment and education.

They aim to please and are used to working with a wide range of venues, including castles, stately homes, festivals, conventions, community events, weddings, Bonfire Night and Christmas celebrations, so they are always happy to tailor their shows and displays to meet your individual requirements.

With a variety of activities on offer, including; longbow, crossbow, weapons demonstrations, combat displays, sword lessons, historical talks, battlefield medicine, hands-on weapon and armour displays, medieval tented encampment, have-a-go archery with life-size 3D animal targets, fire-arrows and their unique flaming-sword duel.

Left to right – Stephen Dowling as Sir Thayne de Ath (together a made up name but individually existing during the period), Martin Sanders as Guy de la Wombat (a Monty Python holy grail reference), Kieran Neale as William Marshall, Christopher Russell as Sir Christoph de Nephilim, Maddie Collins as Sir Geoff de Colmaudlins and lastly Robin Eddiford as John de Neige. William Marshall is the only name taken authentically from the period and of course (somewhat unsurprisingly) winner of the William Marshall tournament.

Neil Eddiford (Sergeant at Arms for the tourney) co-founder of Bowlore said: “The whole Bowlore team had a great weekend at Chepstow Castle, the crowds were enthusiastic and the weather perfect for fighting – dry but not too sunny – charging around in layers of armour all day can be tiring and hot work! We usually concentrate on our archery and weapons shows but because of the William Marshall celebrations Chepstow asked us to put on a series of combat displays set as a tourney. My son Robin (Jon De Neige) did most of the fight choreography and the whole team worked extremely hard to make the bouts as exciting and fun as possible for the spectators. We will be back to Chepstow in June for the Magna Carta celebrations, and this time our shows will have a Robin Hood theme.”

Chepstow Castle is located in Chepstow, Monmouthshire in Wales, on top of cliffs overlooking the River Wye. It is the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification in Britain. Its construction was begun under the instruction of the Norman Lord William Fitz Osbern soon made Earn of Hereford from 1067, and it was the southernmost of a chain of castles built along the English Welsh boarder in the Welsh Marches.

Chepstow Castle is open to the public, and since 1984 has been in the care of Cadw the Welsh government body with the responsibility for protecting, conserving and promoting the built heritage of Wales. There are special events held often in the castle and visitors are now able to walk along the battlements and into Martens Tower.

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