ME Support in Glamorgan

IMG_0393Miriam Wood – Political Liaison Officer for the ME Support Group Glamorgan said: ‘We are happy to hear from anyone effected by ME or FM. Many people complain that they have suffered neglect because thier condition is misunderstood by friends, family and the medical profession. Claiming benefits is a nightmare because ME sufferers are often too unwell to perform everyday functions of life.’

The Glamorgan ME Support Group Committee pictured at an Annual General Meeting and ME Awareness Event at Bethel Community Church Llanishen Cardiff.

Sitting (right to left)

Chris Baily – Chair

Miriam Wood – Political Liaison Officer

Mary Jones – Committee Member

Dee Penny – Treasurer


Rob Goodman – Secretary

Linda Tathim – Web Site Facilitator

Ken Bailey – Vice Chair

Peter Baxter – Committee Member

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