Cardiff Temple

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 16.40.16Published on Freemason Website

An organization perceived by many to be ‘shrouded in secrecy’ opened its doors to a group of twelve inquisitive students studying for a Degree in Journalism from the nearby Atrium campus of the University of South Wales.

Mr Roger Richmond an Assistant Provincial Grand Master in South Wales gave a short interesting and informative discourse on what is Freemasonry and what happens at a Masonic Lodge in Guilford Street Cardiff.

The students were shown around the three temples that serve the 50 plus lodges that meet there and listened to a summary of some of the recent activities carried out by the 6,000 Freemasons in South Wales.

Twenty-four year old Carwyn Price from Aberdare said: “It was great to learn something about the largest and oldest fraternity in the world and although many of us pass the building every day to attend university we knew absolutely nothing about what it was or who modern-day Freemasons are or what they do.”

Mr Richmond spoke with passion and pride about his involvement in Freemasonry. He said: “It is undeniable that Freemasonry has suffered from negativity in the media and that membership numbers have fallen in recent times. However occasions such as this will help people to see a more true picture of Freemasonry and learn something of the amazing charitable works that we engage in.”

Pictured with the students in the main Temple at the Cardiff Masonic Hall is Roger Richmond an Assistant Provincial Grand Master in South Wales and Graham Wilcox a Past Master of a Cardiff Lodge and a Senior Provincial Grand Lodge Officer.

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