Homelessness in Cardiff

IMG_6861Warren Dutson, 36, sits under a railway bridge in Cardiff just up the road from the University of South Wales Atrium campus. He is unemployed and homeless. It is a cold damp dark depressing place. I hope to find out more about him and to see if there is some way he could be helped.

A person is considered homeless in the eyes of the local authority if they have no accommodation available reasonable for them to occupy. This doesn’t include rough sleepers. There are many different stories as to how people have found themselves to be homeless. That can mean living a chaotic lifestyle; experiencing substance or alcohol issues or suffering poor mental health. A combination of these can place someone in a marginalised, vulnerable and excluded position.

Mr Dutson said: “Whenever I vote it is for Labour because I think that they look after the unemployed and homeless better than the Conservative ever do. I am not interested people or leaders. I care about issues such as the Government is to introduce pre-paid benefit cards to stop claimants spending their money on alcohol, drugs or gambling habits.”

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