Horror comes to Chepstow

IMG_2249 copyHorror came to Chepstow when FearFest-Evil held three-weeks of performances at the Chepstow Dive Centre. Photographed above is: Doug Child (Camp Dracula) having a devilish good time at halloween. The Circus of Horrors unit opened its bloody doors on Friday 13th October and they performed 5 short sharp shock shows in the incomparable Fear FestEvil in Chepstow. The National Diving & Activity Centre is based in Chepstow, Gloucestershire, The flooded quarry offers some of the best inland dive conditions in Europe with a range of depths from 0-9, 9-18, 26, 45, 50 and 80 metres.

Ian Brown, known as El Lurchio, plunged a sword 15 inches down his throat before attempting to break a world record for the heaviest vehicle pull. Mr Brown is hoping his daring feats have earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, after pulling a hearse with a swallowed sword down his throat in Chepstow. The daring stuntman pulled the 2,000 kilo hearse, with people sat on it, for more than 25 metres.

IMG_2265 copyThe sword swallower El Lurchio from Fareham is a performer with the Circus of Horrors who has also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. The record attempt  took place at Chepstow at the Maybe Bridge Building Site. The Circus of Horrors contains some nudity and language of an adult nature. It is not suitable for children, people of a nervous disposition, chavs or sissies. The show contains nuts!

IMG_2300 copyFor Halloween 2017 Mr Brown decided it would be a wicked idea to try to break two world records, the first being a new record of the furthest vehicle pull with a sword down the throat and the second being the heaviest vehicle pulled with a sword down the throat. Photgraphed is Ian Brown with (Left to Right) Sheyan Contortionist and Alenya Anarchist.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 15.21.43Ian feeling the strain pulling with the sword in his mouth. People rode in and on the hearse to give it extra weight to attempt the two world records.

IMG_2312Ian Brown photographed after the record attempt with other members of The Circus of Horrors. (Left to Right) Camp Dracula, Mongolian Laughing Boy, Sheyan  Contortionist, El Lurchio, Alenya Anarchist and Mr Jolly Handy.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 15.22.14.jpgThe past two years have been incredible for the history of The Circus of Horrors. They have been performing in a huge amount of Theatre’s, as well as at Festivals and then jetting around the globe visiting and performing in many countries including; Finland, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium (twice), Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Jersey and Russia.

IMG_2291 copy.jpg

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