Happy Christmas at Raglan Castle


Santa and his little group of helpers came to Raglan Castle to spread joy and goodwill giving gifts to the local children. Santa Claus was in the historic Christmas grotto and he helped make unique memories with the whole family! Photographed  (Left to Right): Sam Tivenan, Andrew Tivenan  and Heather Barsby from the Amicorum display group. Heather said: “We are a 14th and 15th Century re-enactment group but we are also more than happy to help the younger visitors to the castle enjoy all of the fun of the festive season.”

Sam said: “We are here over the weekend helping to entertain the local children as they celebrate the joy of Christmas and receive gifts from Santa.”


Andrew said: “I really do hate Christmas because Santa makes us work all year long making gifts and then he gives them all away to children that have been good – around the world.”

img_9584-copyPhotographed (Left to Right): Niamh, Isla, Erin and Abigail with Traditional Father Christmas (Tom Hillard).


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