Myths & Legends at Raglan Castle

Raglan Castle was the location for a fun filled weekend of activities for the entire family. There was a Fairy Academy with storytelling, archery, live music and a host of legendary characters.  

Robson Barsby (15) (Robin Hood), Heather Barsby and  Jade Barsby (17) (Cinderella) at the Myths and Legends weekend family event at Raglan Castle. Heather said: “Eight members of Amicorum, the reenactment group traveled to Raglan for the weekend and we enjoyed the magical world of myths and fairytales as we provided people with information on what life was like in the 14 century.” Minstrel Tom Hillard (feature photograph) demonstrated a number of musical instruments and played music from the era.

IMG_6046Curtis Parsons portrayed Caption Hook while his mother Polly Parsons acted in the role of the old wise woman. Polly said: “This festival at Raglan is full of fantastic fun and playful wickedness. It is a greet setting for all of the enlightening informative activities we had going on.”

IMG_6006People were able to met the Dragon Lords and take part in the dragon parade, take sides in the Knights versus Dragon battle.  The visitors entered the fairies magical forest for crafts, games and trails.  There was also a host of legendary characters walking around the castle grounds interacting with the public. 

IMG_6015Wayne Barsby (The Huntsman) toasting the weekend with James Punter (Hercules).

IMG_6055The Pashy Pops, a dynamic duo sang and danced with the children. Photographed (Left to Right) Ceinwen Llewellyn (Princess Scarlett) and Vivien Llewellyn (Princess Regina).

IMG_6064Andrew (Shrek) and Samantha Tivenan (Fiona) were at the festival kicking up a stink and scaring the children.


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