VE Wartime Weekend

IMG_1524Raglan Castle was the location for the VE Wartime weekend event with WW2 re-enactors, a traditional fete area where local community groups had stalls and a street party.

Welcoming visitors and promoting the Raglan Festival was Rob Lealock, Col Knight (Chair) and Hazel Davies. Colwyn Knight said: “The sun was out and we had a fantastic time listening to our favourite wartime music.”

IMG_1537Also at the event was the USA 29th Infantry Division re-enactment group: The Bedford Boys. Photographed (Left to Right) Ringo, Boots, Mell, Stoker, Buck, John, Stan and Tena.

They are a re-enactment group, portraying American G.I.’s in the U.S. 29th Infantry Division during WWII.

Active at many shows and events throughout the UK and with several TV appearances to their credit they pride themselves on their accurate portrayal of life in the 29th and they have a superb collection of original vehicles, weapons, equipment and uniforms to make every display as authentic as possible.

IMG_1552The re-enactment group representing the French Resistance is attached to the 29th Division and photographed is Hannah Canweil, Joel Stenlake, Ffion Stenlake (9) Mandy Stenlake,  and Sean Canweil. Joel the leader of the resistance said: ‘Viva La Resistance.’

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