Europe Direct at Hay Festival

IMG_0891There are 4 Europe Direct Information Centres in Wales, which contribute to the 16 Europe Direct Information Centres in the UK. The Centres in Wales provide EU information and advice to the public; engage in outreach activities with schools and attend local and national events such as the National Eisteddfod. The Welsh Europe Direct Information Centres also organise public meetings on EU topics which have an important resonance in Wales. The Centres in Wales are part of a network of more than 500 Centres across the European Union which make up the Europe Direct Information Network.

Anwen Atkinson Europe Direct Information Assistant pictured with Monika Kudaseva at the Hay Festival. Anwen said: ‘We are at Hay to provide information to people about the European Union. We have information about what it is and how it works but we also have information about learning languages, traveling, funding and booklets for children. We also have fun activities such as designing a flag or a magnetic map where people have to place the correct EU flag on a country.’

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