Medieval Entertainment

IMG_8244Raglan Castle holds a Medieval Easter weekend event that includes medieval entertainment for all, from have-a-go archery, games and trails for kids, to Knightly combat displays, living history displays and talks for adults.

The Knights of Longshanks are a medieval combat and living history society covering late 13th/early 14thc. They are professional re-enacters formed in 1997 and who provide demonstrations of their weapons and tools, enacting the period of British history during the Anglo/Welsh/Scottish Wars of Edward I and Edward II’s reign. The group illiterates how people then lived, cooked and fought. The group members come from all around the country.

Photographed are five members of The Knights of Longshanks. L-R Samantha Baker, Robin Boazman, Amy Louise Stockwood, Mick Baker, Elizabeth Webster who provided opportunities to experience archery for children and adults. The Knights of Longshanks will transport you back to the 13th Century.

Raglan Castle is a late medievil castle located just north of the village of Raglan in the county of Monmouthshire in south east Wales. The modern castle dates from between the 15th and early 17th-centuries, when the successive ruling families of the Herberts and the Somersets created a luxurious, fortified castle, complete with a large hexagonal Keep known as the Great Tower or the Yellow Tower of Gwent.

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